I’ve worked with Caroline as a coach for the last 8 years, but I first worked alongside Caroline when we were both business consultants at McKinsey over 20 years ago. It was Caroline’s somewhat unique combination of business, economic and human insight that distinguished her experience, first led me to ask her to be my coach, and from which I’ve happily benefited over most of the last decade.

Over that period, at times I’ve needed someone to coach me on how to show up as the best leader I can be in difficult situations and in challenging conversations. At other times I’ve needed someone who can problem solve organization and business issues with me. I’ve needed someone who can help me articulate my leadership intention at high stakes moments, with my team, or with the entire company. And I’ve also needed someone who can capture rich and deep feedback from my team to create concrete areas for my own development as a leader.

Caroline has been my trusted partner in all of these areas. Given her background at McKinsey she is smart, and nuanced, enough to understand the complexities of my business. Her research-based approach to behavior means she gives practical advice on how to change team and organizational behavior. Her breadth of experience means she is an effective sounding board on a wide range of systemic issues, including team development, decision-making processes and organizational design. She brings writing and editorial skills that help me make sure my communications match my intent. And all of this is delivered with low ego and a style that both empathizes with my situation (she’s “in my corner”) but consistently challenges me to be a better leader.

There’s no question that as a result of my time with Caroline, I’ve become a stronger, more effective leader.

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