Why Are We Called “Sevenshift”?

Our experience has shown that seven particular shifts in behavior can result in dramatic improvements to people’s professional lives. They involve learning how to:

  • Set more transformational priorities
  • Generate more productivity from the same amount of effort
  • Handle relationships with greater aplomb
  • Reliably do their more creative, wisest thinking
  • Maximize their personal influence and impact
  • Build resilience to the inevitable ups and downs
  • Sustain their mental and physical energy

So our work with clients usually speaks to one or more – and sometimes all – of these themes. We also like the name “Sevenshift” because it echoes our philosophy of what it takes to make change happen: small everyday shifts, seven days a week (or thereabouts), adding up to truly transformational impact.

Our Work


Manager student writing learning readingSevenshift takes on a small number of individual coaching clients each year. We often work with senior leaders around or in advance of times of change—for example, when they want to evolve their personal style in response to new challenges, or plan to take their organization in a new direction.

Whatever their professional context, we give our clients practical tools for handling their immediate challenges with skill – acing high-stakes conversations and resolving interpersonal tensions, for example – while helping them adopt deeper attitudes and practices that will serve them well in years to come.


organizational behavior consultantFor organizations seeking to shift their working culture in a more positive direction, Sevenshift offers a number of types of support. We can run extended workshops for senior teams to help them spark positive change in their organizations around one or more of the “Sevenshift” themes above. We can design innovative multi-month learning programs for larger groups of managers and leaders. We also give inspirational and interactive speeches to corporate audiences and conference groups.

What Makes Sevenshift Different?

We can be credible with very senior (and very skeptical) people.

We’ve coached CEOs and government ministers, and have direct experience of working in extremely intellectually challenging environments. A lot of coaches and facilitators in the personal development field have deep personal integrity and authenticity, but we also measure up in terms of gravitas, strategic thinking and analytical capacity. And by using insights from behavioral science, we make it easier for leaders to see the rationale for changes they are making to the way they work.

We go deep—but we’re very practical.

Change doesn’t happen unless it is more than skin deep, and we’ll spend real time getting to the root of what’s really going on with you (and with the people around you) to figure out how you can be at your best. But insight needs to be followed by action, so that you can experiment with new ways of working and adjust as you go. So we always ground our coaching sessions in real challenges that leaders are currently facing, spending time preparing for conversations and situations that are coming up in the days and weeks ahead.

We help leaders shift the systems that surround them.

Team dynamics and organizational effectiveness have always been a core part of our work. So we know how to design and run group sessions that will improve cohesion and inspire action in your colleagues, and we can advise you on how to create lasting change on a large scale.

We know finance, politics and business.

We’ve worked with global firms in industries as diverse as pharmaceuticals, professional services and private equity, with public bodies in several countries, not to mention with charities and entrepreneurs. We bring that unusually broad knowledge to bear in our work.

We use hard evidence to inform our work.

Advances in behavioral economics, neuroscience and psychology continue to shed more light year by year on how we think and behave, and how we can be at our best (and worst). So we use evidence from the behavioral sciences to shape the support we give leaders. This has the additional benefit of helping our clients understand why it’s worth changing the habits of a lifetime. Most smart people need evidence as well as inspiration in order to try something new.

Endorsements for Sevenshift

I started working with Caroline after realizing that my business needed to change some of our fundamental ways of working and our approach to client relationships. Caroline worked through all of the challenges and issues I was having to deal with in a very structured and thoughtful way. Caroline took the time to explain some of the methods behind her approach and provided me with my own tools to deal with similar situations going forward. During our sessions Caroline gave me a fascinating insight into the world of behavioral science and how it relates to my day to day interactions in business, which have become significantly more enjoyable and successful as a result. It was a pleasure to work with Caroline – she is a wonderful executive coach and a wonderful person in general. I cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone who needs her expertise and her deeply caring style of interaction and delivery.

Peter, Managing Partner, technology consultancy

One of my biggest challenges in my new position was to have my direct reports work as a team, and not just work as a collective group of professionals. As well as coaching me, Caroline came up with unique, creative and outside the box methods to help me with the team, which was the hardest issue I inherited. She played a key role over a couple of days of a very unique session with my directs – and we ended the meeting with an whole-hearted endorsement of the team-concept, ground rules and definite game plan. Almost a year later, I can say that it is not only working very well, but has set a great example for the rest of the company too.

Nayan, CFO

I came to coaching with a degree of cynicism, but Caroline’s strong analytical and intellectual approach gave real meaning to our discussions. That is, Caroline would never approach an issue without a deep understanding of the actual science behind it, which she combines with her excellent sector based knowledge. She also has an innate ability to ask the right question – she manages to peel back the layers of perceived complexity around an issue by simply asking very, very good questions. As a result, the answers reveal themselves in a way that is authentic and meaningful for the person being coached. I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to work with Caroline.

Angela, attorney

Caroline Webb has the ability to literally create a paradigm shift in your thinking and approach to life. I have experienced that personally and I’m still not entirely sure how she does it. Her coaching style is one of the most effective I’ve ever seen in action. Just three days in a leadership course that she ran set me on an entirely new direction. Both in terms of the way I manage my people and manage myself. I will sincerely be eternally grateful for the opportunity to have learnt from her

Ndidi, senior social sector leader
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