How To Get Healthy Distance From Your Problems

When we’re troubled by a situation, research has found that it doesn’t work particularly well to put our head in the sand and try to suppress our feelings. But there are ways of getting some healthy distance from a problem so that we can handle it more effectively – and that’s what this episode will cover.

How to Steady Your Nerves By Reframing Them

Uncertainty and upheaval can cause us understandable anxiety, and this anxiety sometimes announces itself in unpleasant and unwanted sensations that make us feel on edge. But research shows that there’s a technique for reframing those sensations that quickly reduces their negative hold on us, and that’s what this week’s episode will focus on.

How To Deal With Dilemmas With (Greater) Ease

By definition, dilemmas are hard to think through – in Greek, the word “dilemma” means there are “two propositions” rather than one nice clear obvious path forward. But there are some techniques that can help us feel less stuck and less stressed when making decisions in the face of dilemmas, and that’s what this episode will focus on.

The Science of Self-Compassion and How to Use It Well

There’s a lot of talk these days about the importance of self-compassion. But why is it so good for us? In this episode Caroline will explain what self-compassion does to our brain, why it’s a helpful first port of call in a storm, and how we can deploy it effectively in the heat of the moment.

How to Amplify Certainty in a Sea of Uncertainty

When a situation feels challenging, uncertainty makes it feel even more stressful – and this stress hampers our ability to make good choices about what to do next. In this episode, Caroline talks about ways we can ground ourselves in certainties, to restore a sense of calm and clarity in our thinking even in the middle of chaos.

The Science and Practice of Reversing a Negative Spiral

In this episode Caroline discusses how the human brain can get into an unconscious negative spiral when exposed to challenging news, and she explains a practical technique you can use to hit ‘reset’ and see more of what’s good around you.

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