Many of us have worked from home some of the time in the past couple of years, and many of us want to make it a permanent way of working. So what’s the evidence on how best to do it? And how can we have good conversations with colleagues about hybrid or home working? Nick Bloom (Stanford professor, founder) is the world’s leading thinker about WFH, and I’m delighted he’s joining me to share his advice and insights. Nick has been working for many years to demonstrate the benefits and spread the word about why and how to work remotely. You couldn’t get a better source of thinking and advice on the topic, whether you’re a leader trying to decide how to structure your team’s work, or a professional trying to find a sustainable working model for yourself. Tune in and Nick will share everything you need to know. #wfh #workingfromhome #remoteworking #hybridworking

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