12 Ways to Feel Happier at Work


Job satisfaction is something we have a weird tendency to file away for later. In less-wonderful moments, we stare daggers at the cubicle wall and think, If I only had a better title/salary/manager, I’d be enjoying this more. So prepare to have your mind blown: When it comes to work happiness, you’re already the boss. “There is so much people can do to create good moments in every day,” says former McKinsey consultant Caroline Webb. “Even if you can’t make a really unpleasant job feel wonderful, you can learn to work within the constraints you have to make a situation better.” Webb, an expert in behavioral science who has worked to increase job satisfaction for hundreds of employees in a wide variety of jobs, outlines what she’s learned in her new book, How to Have a Good Day. We asked a handful of women to tryout Webb’s tips for a week and test her theory that good days don’t just happen — they’re made.

What are your chances of having a good day?

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