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Book Discussion Guide for How to Have a Good Day


Are you interested in reading How To Have A Good Day alongside colleagues or friends? It’s a great idea if so. Research has found that we’re more likely to succeed in a goal if we “socialize” it – in other words, if we involve other people in some way. They can give us the encouragement we sometimes need to try something new, help us celebrate successes, and perhaps share helpful advice from their own experience.

You may have noticed that the book is already written to make it easy for teams to discuss its ideas. Pick a chapter that seems especially relevant to your team right now, and then use the handy checklist at the end of the chapter to guide you through a conversation about the topic.

For those who want to structure a more organized discussion around the book, we have you covered: here’s a step-by-step guide written by Caroline to help you run a book group conversation that walks the talk, by applying all the How To Have A Good Day advice about great meetings.

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