If you’re like most of us, you relish those rare days at work when everything seems to go your way. Meetings finish early, your ideas get put into action, and your colleagues are in a better mood than usual – which means you are, too.

Of course, whether you have a great day or a grueling one is partly down to circumstances beyond your control. But what you might not know is that you’ve got more power to change your “luck” than most people realize. Our new book, How to Have a Good Day, is full of science-backed tips that will show you how quite small tweaks to your daily routines can transform the quality of your everyday life, at work and beyond.

You can get started by taking this quiz, which will give you personalized tips on how to have a better day – as well as giving you a taste of the chapters you might find most immediately helpful in How to Have a Good Day. In just a few minutes you’ll have useful new ideas that you can start applying right away.

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